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Entry #4

Sometimes Teachers Are Just Awesome...

2010-09-27 17:49:34 by haingi

Here's a shout out to you, my nameless core four science teacher, for making my day. On I think Wednesday, I was a bit bored in class and started to doodle on my paper. The people that sat next to me got a kick out of it, but five minutes later I had forgotten it completely. I got that paper back today, corrected, and just started laughing once I saw the drawing again, but this time with a small addition. Most of you people out there will recognize the semi-meme that died out a while ago. 6/ieatbees.gif


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2011-06-23 01:10:01

And other times you need to drop out of school when your homosexual history teacher becomes principal :(


2011-08-02 21:03:11

Duuuuude. How's flash comming along? I totally forgot about you at the forums. Show me some stuff? Got Skype or Windows Messenger?


2011-11-11 21:24:37

Ah, glad you came back to newgrounds.