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Sometimes Teachers Are Just Awesome...

2010-09-27 17:49:34 by haingi

Here's a shout out to you, my nameless core four science teacher, for making my day. On I think Wednesday, I was a bit bored in class and started to doodle on my paper. The people that sat next to me got a kick out of it, but five minutes later I had forgotten it completely. I got that paper back today, corrected, and just started laughing once I saw the drawing again, but this time with a small addition. Most of you people out there will recognize the semi-meme that died out a while ago. 6/ieatbees.gif

I love Homestuck!

2010-09-24 22:46:08 by haingi

Homestuck. What is it? A somewhat famous webcomic, currently running, by the artistically awesome Andrew Hussie (aka Ansrew/Abdrew by some of the fans). He makes awesome pages for it almost every day in Photoshop and Flash, most of which are animated, some of which have music (by the fans, of course). It has a complex and driving story, five and a half acts (of seven total), and upwards of 3500 pages of action.

Anyway, I'm out of time already. Check it out for yourself at sometime soon.

Alright, I have been informed by a few reviews that it would be a good idea to take a few short-shorts and put them together in a collection. I am going to begin working on this, and if I get some good ideas it should be finished in a week or two. It will also include the two that I have uploaded already.

As for the Roll-Call Collab, as of now I have decided to stop at two submissions, Pyro (TF2) and the Great Deku Tree (LoZ: OoT). I was also going to do Eragon Shadeslayer, of the Inheritance Cycle, but I couldn't get the face right. I may come back to this later and either do Eragon or somebody else that I come up with.

Roll Call Collab by scartheatre

2010-08-02 22:03:55 by haingi

I'm doing at least one part, probably 3, in the Roll Call Collab by scartheatre. The part I've done is Pyro, and in the background you can see Engy and Spy, whom I have asked to also make for the collab. Presently I am waiting for a response, but I think he'll let me have them.

It sounds like a really cool collab with at least one talented person (definitely NOT me, btw) working on it, and hopefully many more. It's also helping to hone my currently very limited flash and general animation skills. It will also probably be, depending on the release date, my first project here on Newgrounds. I only hope that it won't be my last, or best, work.